An Interview With Guy Phoenix/Property Developer

Properties in Nottingham change dramatically from the traditional look of the terrace, semi or bungalow when Guy Phoenix gets his hands on them. Guy is a renowned as one of the best developers in the country . An award winning property developer winning everything he has entered for . He has created some of the most extravagant yet tasteful properties in the Midlands and seeks to move production to the Capital as soon as is able .

As winner of the International Property Award for 2012/13, he has already been approached by leading businessmen and women and built for world champion sports personalities all keen on securing his services for one of his luxury residential builds.

Future projects include a collaboration with Godwin Developments Investment division to create an exclusive collection of 15 new properties, 5 minutes from the heart of the city. Built in a tree lined country-feel location, this development will be one of the first gated community controlled residences in the midlands and is already causing quite a stir .

Guy started out in the property world as a labourer in the mid 90s after his mobile phone company ceasedd trading . Starting at the bottom he slowly gained knowledge in all different aspects of the building trade, until he eventually learned how to set out a new build and employ the right people for the job .

Talking with Guy we asked him what his favorite project would be?
He explained “My favorite projects are the most extravagant ones. As I design all my interiors  myself I obviously like the homes that carry something out of the ordinary. Shark tanks, hair salons, cinemas and so on. My homes are different from others on the market and it is for this reason the demand is increasing.” people want that little bit extra!

Check out some of the Guy Phoenix properties above in the gallery and be sure to check the video below of a detailed tour of his Hall View project.
Visit for more info.

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