Nike’s CR7 Signature Range

Today Nike reveal the Christiano Ronaldo Collection. The collection follows a classic pallete of Black and White with bursts of Blue and Pink on key performnance items.

The collection includes Cristiano’s signature CR Mercurial Vapor VIII a short sleeve top, Mercurial shin guards and CR Nike 5 Gato shoes, plus a backpack and Prestige ball these being the key items with the striking blue and pink detailing.

The lifestyle collection which follows a classic Grey and Black colour up includes a grey crew neck sweatshirt, a button-down Saturday Jacket, a Track Jacket, the Wardour Max 1 chukka boot and The CR7 t-shirt which confidently proclaims the “Love to win, hate to lose” attitude with a bold emblem, and the core t-shirt which takes a more literal approach, writing out the mantra in ornate Portuguese calligraphy that speaks to Cristiano’s heritage.

check out this video where we see Christiano wearing the items.

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