A$AP Rocky & Skrillex – Wild For The Night


A$AP Rocky got together with Producer Skrillex for “Wild For The Night” a track set to be featured on his upcoming album “Long Live A$AP”. Rocky spoke to MTV about his relationship  with the superstar producer Skrillex:

“We were friends way before we did the record,” he said of his relationship with the all-star DJ/producer. “I used to hang out with him and go to downtown raves and stuff like that. He’s a cool cat, and for him to be so successful, he doesn’t act like it, and I like that.”

A typical night of hanging out turned into an impromptu studio session and that resulted in the appropriately titled track “Wild for the Night.” “With me and Skrillex, we was just chillin and we were like ‘Yo, let’s go to the studio.’ He had a show and we were in there raving and acting crazy — I love to find any excuse to act ratchet, any reason and I’m gonna be wylin’ — so we went to the studio and it was just organic, we was just chilling.”

“Everybody was in the studio getting it right, we had friends over and females getting drunk,” he continued. “I had fun that night, had fun making the record and I think everybody else gonna have fun listening to it.”

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