Yahoo!’s Weather App Uses Flickr to Literally Show You Current Weather Conditions

Today, Flickr releases the Yahoo! Weather App for iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. The two have brought together beautiful images from the Flickr community to literally show you current local conditions, with all the details you want to know about the forecast. Instead of reading the weather, you can actually see the weather.

Inside the app you’ll find snapshots of weather from around the world. You can begin scrolling through photos reflecting the current weather in places that matter to you. Tap the temperature for a quick view of the forecast or scroll down for precipitation, wind and pressure, a radar map, and more. “Our goal is to have amazing photos for every weather condition that cover the globe — morning, afternoon, and night — across every city in the world,” said Marco Wirasinghe, Director of Mobile and Emerging Products for Flickr.

Yahoo! Weather for iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch is launching internationally in 30 languages, available for free on the App Store.

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