Sole Classics x VANS Vault Era – “Carmen”

As part of the 10-year anniversary of the VANS Vault brand, the famed sneaker and streetwear boutique, Sole Classics, has teamed up with Kingsrowe to create “Carmen”, the shoe that connects Ohio. Inspired by high school football player Jack Henderson’s legacy to never give up, the shoe is composed of football leather on the heel tab and a golden fade all around, giving it a worn appearance and representing Henderson’s journey. In honor of the state, navy laces were chosen to mimic the 1996 license plate and the navy uniforms from the 1963 football season in which Henderson played. The orange Vans tag emulates the state registration sticker. The state slogan, “The Heart of It All,” inspired the red sole, while the grey bottoms pay homage to Ohio University. Alternate green laces are provided to imbue a touch of personality that Sole Classics is known for. For non-locals, limited quantities are available in the later evening of May 25th through Kingsrowe, as well.

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