‘burn Yard’ – Watch 5 Talents from the Worlds of Art

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This week, burn launched its new burn Yard project. The first of its kind, the project fuses the realms of art, electronic music, and extreme sports to form a single and explosive whole. Driving the initiative is the burn Yard Collective, a team of creative individuals who have been paired up to devise some world-first collaborations exploring skateboarding, F1, music and art in innovate new forms.

Collective members have been paired up to work on three individual projects: a skateable sculpture, F1-inspired graffiti murals, and an F1-inspired dance track. The completed projects were unveiled in Budapest on July 26 in front of thousands at the first burn Yard live event. A five-part web series documents the journey of the collective members as they develop their own unique projects, concluding in the final burn Yard live event in Budapest.

For the project, world famous conceptual artist and designer Gerry Judah teams up with pro skater Rune Glifberg to create the world’s largest skateable structure. Stencil artist M-City brings graffiti into the world of F1. In a mini burn Yard event in Barcelona, he re-sprays an F1 car with his designs, and in Budapest he paints an enormous mural, which forms the backdrop for the event. DJ and producer Avicii creates an F1-inspired dance track following a visit to Enstone, home of the Lotus F1 Team. Kimi Rakkonen, driver of the Lotus F1 Team, acts as a source of inspiration for the collective and the burn Yard program.

Watch the first burn Yard episode here and subscribe to burn’s channel to catch the rest of the series.

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